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Maybe Be Alright

This here be a poetry blog yo! or just random stuff that appeals to me and makes me smile

Hush hush…

Love is a mystery,
Do you want to solve it?
Love is a commitment,
Can you really stay?
Love is a feeling,
Can it go away?
Love is a rights,
Do you know it’s responsibilities?
Love is like fire,
It burns you deep.
Love is tolerance,
How much can you take?
Love is a struggle,
Are you willing to fight?
Love hurts sometime
But it’s going to be alright!
Love is understanding,
In what ever language you speak.
Love means all the same to me.
Love is clear,
Do you really want to see?
Love is open,
Come right through please.
But love is a secret,
Are you willing to keep?
Shhh…get closer,
Do you feel my heart beat?
Love could be something inside of me


It’s like wanting to kiss you
But not really
It’s like wanting to touch you
But not completely
It’s like living with a burden
In your heart
It’s like knowing your world
Will fall apart
It’s like wanting to say how I feel
But scared you don’t feel the same
It’s like all these things
and many more
It’s like I’ve written all of this before

Your Face

I saw the love die
On your face
You just couldn’t try
I saw your face
I knew there was no hope
On your face
You showed all the signs
I saw your face
There was no place to hide
From your face

Form, Time, Space, Dimension

In another time, space, form dimension
When love was born, warm, and you showed affection
Do you remember the time you looked at me?
Remember that time I believed in dreams
Those lovely bells
Chiming, how swell
I remember when you used to look at me
The way your eyes would flare
Back in that space, time, dimension and form
Back when the feelings were not worn
Back when I thought I knew you loved me
Back when I knew you loved me
And it felt like lovely
If lovely was a feeling
Tell me those days when you’d reach out and touch my hand
Did you know this was the best feeling that I had
When you’d smile
Back in that dimension, form, space and time
Back when our feelings were on cloud nine
Back when I thought I knew you loved me

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